Flavored Coffee That Doesn’t Make Me Sick – A Via Bom Dia Flavored Coffee Review

When I tried the Via Bom Dia Coffee for my Via Bom Dia Flavored Coffee Review in May 2016, I was following a Gluten Free diet. I had been experiencing a plethora of symptoms. Brain fog, joint paint, digestive distress, and migraines, just to name a few. Since all the side effects associated with gluten ingestion were more than I could bear, I did my best to avoid gluten at all costs. This was, of course, easier said than done.

I love coffee, with the Chocolate Glazed Donut by the Donut House being one of my all time favorites. For years, I could consume flavored coffee without any issues. But once I went gluten-free, I never expected I would have to say goodbye to flavored coffee as well.

Knowing that gluten can be listed under a variety of pseudonyms, I tried to locate ingredient lists online for my favorite brands. Needless to say, this was an exercise in frustration, as every brand I looked at stated the type of beans and “natural flavoring.” For those who may not be aware, natural flavoring is a catch-all for a variety of ingredients and is a common carrier for those containing gluten. While I did not like the idea of having to give up one of my favorite indulgences, I didn’t want to intentionally drink something that I knew would make me feel sick.

Then one day, I came across the Via Bom Dia coffee on Amazon. While the listing stated that the flavored coffee in these K-cups used only natural ingredients, I couldn’t help but be a bit skeptical. While I was a bit hesitant at first, but I knew I was probably not the only person experiencing side effects with flavored coffee. So I placed my order.

Back when I ordered this coffee, the manufacturer only offered them in an 18 pack. Having not ordered the Dark Chocolate Cacao Via Bom Dia Coffee since 2016, they no longer offer a 15 pack, instead, it is a traditional 12 pack for the Dark Chocolate. The brand is certified organic, and use 100% real spices in all their coffees, so it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that the cost might be a bit higher than brands commonly found at your local grocery store.

When the Via Bom Dia coffee arrived at my home, it was pretty much as expected. There was some minor wear to the edges of the Via Bom Dia coffee box, even though it only took two days to arrive, courtesy of Amazon Prime shipping. There was no visible damage to any of the K-Cups, so a slightly worn box was of no concern to me.

Everything I previously read online about this Via Bom Dia coffee led me to believe that it would be safe. Yet, I couldn’t help but still be skeptical about trying it. I have lost count of the number of times I have tried something I “thought” was safe, only to still end up sick. This roller-coaster can easily cause you to be a bit gun-shy about trying new things. No matter how detailed the ingredients list may be, you can never be 100% sure of what they contain.

Not knowing for sure how this coffee would affect me, I decided to try it over the weekend. I figured that if I did end up getting sick from drinking it, I at least could suffer in the comfort of my own home, instead of at work for 8 hours.

I made myself a cup, added almond milk, and took a sip. Right away I loved the taste of this flavored coffee. It had a nice subtle chocolate flavor, and the coffee itself was nice and smooth for a medium roast coffee.

Then it was time for the true test. Would I have a reaction to the natural flavorings the company used? For me, reactions are normally not immediate. Instead, it is something that occurs usually a few hours after the offending food was ingested. To my surprise, this flavored coffee did not make me feel ill, which was a first. Between my husband and I, we finished off the entire k-cup box, with not one complaint.

Overall, we are very happy with the Dark Chocolate Cacao coffee discussed in this  Via Bom Dia Flavored Coffee Review. The coffee had a nice flavor, and the ingredients really are organic, which I love. But the best part is it’s a flavored coffee that didn’t make me sick. This is a definite win in my book. I definitely will not hesitate to purchase this brand again in the future.

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