Surviving Cancer’s Recipes of the Week – September 10, 2018

Surviving Cancer's Recipes of the Week

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It’s a cool and rainy day here. Somewhat of a welcome change from all the hot and humid weather that we’ve been dealing with in the past few weeks. Of course the weatherman is saying the humidity will return later this week, so I will enjoy this open window weather while I can, before I have to turn the AC back on, since me and humidity are definitely not the best of friends.

Meal prep for tonight’s dinner is done. Of course, I somehow managed to slice my finger while cutting open an Avocado. Go figure! I swear, no matter how careful I am, I sometimes end up doing stupid things like that. But I’m all bandaged up and good to go.

I turned to my binder for a lot of my recipe selections for this week. There are a lot of repeats from previous Surviving Cancer’s Recipes of the Week list, mostly because I already had most of the ingredients on hand, but there is one new recipe that we have yet to try.

Friday will be yet another winging it day, since we now bowl on Friday nights, which leaves very little time for a true home cooked meal. Last week was Hot Dogs, still not sure what this week will bring.

Surviving Cancer’s Recipes of the Week for September 10, 2018:

Salmon Burgers With Avocado Garlic SauceSalmon Burgers with Avocado Garlic Sauce:

I have to say this has been one of my all time favorite finds so far. It is so easy to make, and they are oh so yummy when done. I only ever use canned salmon, and I don’t waste my time with fresh Dill, instead I use the Lighthouse Instantly Fresh Freeze Dried Dill. I have a cabinet full of their products cause they really are a time saver, and no more waste. That’s a win in my book.

As you can guess, it was the preparation of the Avocado Garlic Sauce that caused me to cut my finger. The recipe calls for one Avocado, but I used two, and I’m a bit heavy-handed with the garlic. We used store bought Minced Garlic, and I put in 4 heaping scoops, when the recipe only called for two cloves. I just can’t help it, cause we love our garlic. I also happen to manually mix the sauce, so mine may end up a bit chunkier than what’s in the recipe, since I don’t have a Food Processor. (It’s on my wish list). So don’t let that “requirement” deter you.

I make the Salmon Burgers ahead of time, so they have time to firm up before cooking. I just place some non-stick tinfoil on a plate, and then portion out four burger patties, and cover them with plastic and let them chill in the fridge till we’re ready to eat. I love these burgers just by themselves with the sauce on top, but we have also experimented with putting them on burger buns. Both work great, it just depends on which one you’re in the mood for. Recipe Courtesy of:

Fried Cabbage with Kielbasa: Cabbage With Kielbasa

We first experimented with this recipe back on the Surviving Cancer’s Recipes of the Week for the week of August 13, 2018. I was willing to step outside my comfort zone and try something different, even if it included cooked cabbage. My husband, on the other hand, was much more skeptical, as he has a very strong dislike for cooked cabbage. I’m not going to lie. It’s not one of my favorites either, especially since my experience with cooked cabbage growing up has come in the form of Corned beef & Cabbage, both boiled in a large pot for an extended period of time. My grandmother was also one who cooked a lot of native Polish food, with golumpki being one of them,  which is stuffed cooked cabbage. So you can kind of understand the reasoning behind my avoidance of this ingredient. If it wasn’t in the form of Cole slaw, I wouldn’t touch it.

Surprisingly enough, my husband liked this recipe quite a lot. To him it actually tasted like a twist on Chinese food, but with Cabbage. He even made a copy of it to bring to work with him, as it coincidentally coincided with a cooked Cabbage discussion they had been having the previous day.

When I prepare the Cabbage, I use the thinnest setting on my mandolin slicer, so I get thin slices of Cabbage, which cooks better, absorbs flavoring better, and makes the entire dish less “cabbagey”. I also seek out a kielbasa with the least amount of preservatives, and preferably free from MSG. We’ve been using the Hummel Bros Kielbasa. It’s quite tasty, with minimal tummy troubles afterwards. Recipe Courtesy Of:

Cheesy Spinach Stuffed Chicken BreastCheesy Spinach Stuffed Chicken Breast:

We all know we need to eat more dark, leafy greens, but grazing on a large salad is not always high on my list. This recipe was also on our Surviving Cancer’s Recipes of the Week list for the week of August 13, 2018, recipe list, and it was one that took me a little trial and error to get it right. The recipe makes enough stuffing for four chicken breasts, and the first night I made this, I didn’t pound the chicken flat enough, so they kind of came apart during the cooking process.

Since we had enough stuffing for a second try the following night, I got the chicken to the desired thickness, and the end result was much better. We opted to not smother it in Marinara sauce as the recipe suggests. We didn’t have any in the house, and not really sure if it is really needed, as it seems to stand well on its own. Recipe Courtesy of:

Keto Bacon Ranch Chicken Recipe: Bacon Chicken Ranch

This recipe has been in reserve in my list for the past few weeks, but with the sudden schedule changes with bowling, we weren’t planning on starting again till next season, our Friday night meals have been a little more on the fly, and less planned. I dug through the freezer, and found a bag of frozen Organic Broccoli florets, and I have a Copycat Hidden Valley Ranch Mix as most store bought packaged salad dressings are full of preservatives.

I’m looking forward to giving this one a try, cause you really can’t go wrong with pairing Cheese, Chicken and of course Bacon in one dish. My only complaint is it doesn’t specify what kind of cheese to use in the recipe. We’re going to opt for Cheddar, but you can always choose what sounds good to you. Hopefully this one ends up being as good as it sounds. Recipe Courtesy of:

That’s all I have on the list for this week. A lot of tasty choices if I do say so myself. If you happen to have any healthy(ish) meal ideas, please feel free to leave them in the comments below. I am always on the lookout for new recipes, yes I’m a bit Pinterest obsessed, so tried and tested recipes are always welcome. You never know, you may just see your favorites show up in my Instagram Feed.

Till Next Time!

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