Surviving Cancer’s Recipes of the Week – Factor 75 Meals Edition – Nov 6, 2018

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If you have spent any amount of time on social media, there is a good chance you have seen Sponsored Ads for one of the many meal delivery services. Last week, an ad for factor 75 meals came across my feed, and upon further investigation, they were much more affordable than similar meals offered by programs like HelloFresh, Blue Apron and Plated, just to name a few.

I liked the fact that all their meals were non-GMO, free from preservatives, and all meat was hormone and antibiotic free. After much deliberation, I decided to take the plunge and given them a try for this weeks Surviving Cancer’s Recipes of the Week.

Instead of posting a list of Pinterest Recipes, I will instead be sharing with you all a brief overview of the meals that my husband and I will be experimenting with from Factor 75 this week. This is just an overview, and I will be posting an in depth review at a later point, once we have had a chance to try the meals for ourselves.

Surviving Cancer’s Recipes of the Week – Factor 75 Meals Edition – November 6, 2018:

Taco BowlTaco Bowl:

This was one of the first meals I added to my cart, and was the one that made me consider giving the Factor 75 Meals a try. My husband and I love Mexican meals, but I’ve been getting the feeling that with a lot of the recipes we’ve been experimenting with, our servings may have been larger than they should be, causing us to unintentionally take in a lot more calories than we should.

This meal uses Grass fed beef, something that easily costs $10 or more for one 16oz package at my local grocery store. It’s gluten free, preservative free, soy free, organic and a source of 34G of protein in just one serving.

Steak with Sweet Potato Fries:Steak with Sweet Potato Fries

I’ve been struggling with my hair growth after finishing my cancer treatments and one of my doctors told me that it could be due to an iron deficiency, and in order to remedy that, add more beef to my diet.

Beef tends to be relatively expensive at our local store. And I’m not referring to the organic, or grass fed versions. I’m talking about the average USDA Choice meat, which can range from $10-$20 a pound, depending on the cut of meat you’re looking at. With Beef Tenderloin being one of the most expensive. I’m not exactly sure which cut of beef they used in this meal, but it too is grass fed, and accompanied by sweet potato fries, Broccoli and a dollop of seasoned butter. This meal is a source of 39G of protein, in just one serving.

Buffalo Chicken BreastBuffalo Chicken Breast:

We’ve done a lot of meals in the past that contained chicken breast, but when I compare the size of the chicken breast’s I’ve purchased at our local store to what is contained in this meal, it’s easy to see that we’ve been over-eating, even if it’s in the form of protein.

Most of our store bought chicken breasts are easily 1 lb or more, enough to feed both my husband and I for one meal. But combine that with a recipe that calls for multiple chicken breasts, and you’re unknowingly increasing the size of your serving, and your waistline, especially if you’re a member of the clean plate club.

I liked the look of this meal mostly because it’s well-balanced and features a healthy serving of veggies that my husband and I need to be better about eating. There are also no starches in this meal. What you see in the photo is actually a cauliflower mash, not potatoes. And our favorite Frank’s Hot Sauce is used on the chicken so that’s automatically a win in my book. This meal is a source of 47G of protein, in just one serving.

Grassfed Burger with Tomato Bacon Chutney:
Grassfed Burger with Tomato Bacon Chutney
Last on our Surviving Cancer’s Recipes of the Week List is a grass fed burger. My husband loves burgers, but they always seem heavy to me, probably mostly due to the gluten laden bun.
Then add on all the toppings, like cheese, mayo, lettuce, tomato, pickles, and spicy mustard, and I personally find I have the appetite for one every once in awhile.

When I saw this meal on the list, I’ll admit the first thing that drew me in was the pickles. Yes, I’m a bit of a pickle addict, with Dill Pickles being my all time favorite. The Tomato chutney looks interesting, as it is something I have never actually experimented with before, and it has bacon in it, so it can’t be all bad. There is also a healthy serving of veggies, for a meal that supplies 44G of protein in just one serving.


On first look I am quite impressed with all the meals that I received from Factor 75 for this weeks Surviving Cancer’s Recipes of the Week. They are very well packaged, and look very similar to the photos. I also like the fact that everything is already prepared, and portioned out, all you need to do is cook, plate, then eat. Making this service the perfect option for busy lifestyles.

If you’re interested in trying the Factor 75 meals for yourself, I can gift you $20 off your first order, just by using my Factor 75 referral link. You can choose from Four, Six, Eight, 12 or 18 meals each week. I selected meals that would work well for us for dinner, but Factor 75 also offers breakfast options like Pumpkin Pancakes, or Paleo Granola. Choices vary from week to week, and you can skip a week at any time. Everything I received above cost me $79 with FREE SHIPPING!

Over the next few weeks I will be writing an in depth review of the Factor 75 Meal service, once my husband and I have had a chance to try their food, and determine whether this meal delivery service is worth the money. To ensure you don’t miss out on this post, make sure to fill out the form below to sign up for my email list.

Till Next Time!

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  • Nicki V

    I don’t think we have Factor 75 here in Canada, but we do have a lot of other sites that are similar.  Were all the meats and veggies still raw?  Everything looks kind of cooked from the picture, which would be ok (except for the fries lol).  Those meals do look really good and I like how everything is all portioned out.

    I’ll have to check to see if that service is available here and maybe order a few of those meals.  They look pretty tasty!!

    • Jennifer Bedell

      All the meals come pre-cooked with reheating instructions for either the oven or microwave, so it should be interesting to see how the sweet potato fries reheat. 🙂

      On further investigation of the Factor 75 FAQ, it looks like they currently only deliver to the 48 contiguous states. My meals were prepared yesterday and shipped out next day FedEx delivery. There were two large frozen gel packs on top of my shipment, and everything was nice and cold when I opened the box.

      I will be posting a separate in-depth review of the service once we’ve had a chance to try the meals. Really curious to see if they live up to the hype.

  • Shy

     A couple of years ago, when my daughter was around 10 years old or so, her best friend at the time was diagnosed with cancer.  It was very devastating not knowing whether she was going to be okay or not.  She did end up beating it and hopefully will remain well.  It was a very difficult time, for all involved.  Are there any good foods on the list for kids? 

    • Jennifer Bedell

      Glad to hear all worked out for her friend. Cancer is very scary. I now make conscious efforts every day to lead a healthier life because of it, and my food choices are part of that. That was the reason why I chose to give Factor 75 a try. All the meats are grass fed and free of antibiotics and hormones. Ingredients are also non-GMO, and organic.

      This service appears to specifically cater to adults, but I can’t see any issues with using the meals for kids as well, provided they are not picky eaters. Their focus is on Paleo, and Keto meals. You can view the current meals on their site prior to signing up to get a feel for their offerings.

  • Olonisakin Kehinde

    Thank you for this review, i will love a detailed information as you have promised.

    Today’s recipe is quite lovely and looks appealing, the fact it is non-GMO, preservative free and the meat being antibiotic and preservative free makes it a choice for those managing cancer. I love the fact that their meats are grass fed.

    taking a day at a time.

    hope to hear from you soon

    • Jennifer Bedell

      My husband and I try our best to keep our meals as clean as possible. Non-GMO, and organic at a minimum, but grass fed beef is somewhat of a luxury for us, as just one package costs $10 in our local store. Every meal is chef prepared with quality ingredients, that are easy to identify, which is hard to find. The true test will be whether they taste as good as they look. I’ll cover that in a later post. Thanks for commenting!

  • Denis

    Hi Jennifer

    With our busy lives, it’s a good thing someone takes care of preparing good and nutritious meals since we have barely time  to do them, except maybe during the weekend. 

    I have been using a local company called Fresh meal delivery for our meals after work,  but the one you have in your article sounds like the meals and ingredients have been carefully chosen and has all of the natural and organic meats.

    I will check them out for certain as the meals looks delicious!


    • Jennifer Bedell

      With Factor 75 the meals are shipped once a week, and will last for up to 7 days in the refrigerator. Each week, there are a total of 20 different meals to choose from, and each list includes a few selections that can also work for breakfast. They focus primarily on Paleo and Keto style dishes, but all are non-GMO, organic, and hormone and antibiotic free.

      When we cook from scratch at home, I tend to do as much of the prep before hand, which is time-consuming, and that doesn’t even take into consideration the time needed to cook. I’m hoping these meals work out, because it really is a life saver to have healthy meals prepped and ready to go, that are not filled with preservatives.

      I’ll be posting a review of Factor 75 at a later point once we’ve had a chance to try the food and determine whether it lives up to the hype.

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