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Natural Cleansing for your Skin – A Konjac Activated Charcoal Facial Sponge Review

I have a been a long time Clarisonic user. But I am always on the lookout for other natural skin cleansing options. For months I had been seeing listings for the Konjac facial sponge but was hesitant to try it. Mostly because I was afraid that it would either be too rough on my already sensitive skin.

It seemed like no matter what I did, my skin was ever changing. Red, irritated, borderline raw areas of skin, particularly around my nose. Painful acne-like bumps, which would appear out of nowhere, with no relation to what I ate or drank.

After all the chemicals I had been exposed to in my Cancer treatments, I liked the fact that this facial sponge was 100% natural, and free of chemicals, colors and preservatives. The Konjac facial sponge was also good for all skin types, so after months of debating, I figured I had nothing to lose. So I decided to give the Konjac sponge activated charcoal facial sponge a try.

When this facial sponge first arrived at my home, I had mixed feelings and was almost borderline intimidated by it. In its natural state, the facial sponge for this Konjac sponge review is quite hard. Leading you to wonder who first thought it would be a good idea to use this item on their skin.

Trying to remain neutral in my opinion, I read the instructions on the back of the box the facial sponge came in. It stated that the sponge works to balance facial PH levels, and helps keep the weak alkalinity status of the human body. Also like other cleaners, this sponge was designed to be gentle, without the need for additional cleansers.

In order to use the Konjac sponge activated charcoal facial sponge, I needed to first soak the sponge in warm water for approximately 10 seconds. This allowed enough moisture into the facial sponge to make it soft enough that you would actually want to use it on your skin.

Having never used a product like this before, I was unsure what to expect. I used the Konjac facial sponge religiously for approximately two weeks. The average lifespan of the Konjac facial sponge before you need to replace it.

It took me awhile to finally get around to writing my Konjac sponge review because my experience with this product was pretty much neutral. If you have read my other product reviews, you know that I am brutally honest when it comes to my feelings about the products I use. Which made writing this review all that more difficult.

After two weeks of twice a day use, I honestly saw no change at all in my skin. Sure my skin problems did not get any worse, but I did not see a drastic improvement either. Combine that with the fact that you need to replace this sponge every 2-3 weeks, and at $3.99 a sponge, you’re suddenly spending about $67 a year for a product that didn’t deliver noticeable results.

While I am happy that I gave the Konjac facial sponge a try, I am torn as to whether or not to recommend this product for others to try. If you happen to find it on sale, by all means, try it out. Just because it didn’t work for me, does not mean it won’t work for you. I personally will stick with my Clarisonic and Rejuvity Cleanser from now on, but welcome your feedback in the comments below.

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