Isagenix Peach Mango Protein Shake Review – Perfect for Peach Lovers!

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The Isagenix Peach Mango protein shake started out as a seasonal shake flavor, but was made a permanent member of the Isagenix Isalean shake lineup due to its popularity.

With so many Isagenix Isalean shakes to choose from, I know all too well how hard it can be to determine a shakes flavor profile based on just the name alone. Out of all the flavors, I’ve tried, some were flops, while others became longtime favorites.

In order to help you out, I have taken on the task of taste testing all the Isagenix Isalean shake flavors. I will do my best to be as detailed as possible and hope that the information provided below will help take the guesswork out of whether the Isagenix Peach Mango Protein Shake is right for you.

How Meal Replacement Shakes Work:

As the name implies, meal replacement shakes are used instead of either breakfast, lunch or dinner on a given day. I mostly use the Isalean shakes for breakfast, but have also used them at lunch, on days when I’m in a rush or not feeling well, and don’t have much of an appetite for a regular meal.

One shake provides 24G of high-quality protein, along with vitamins, minerals, and energy fueling carbohydrates, designed to keep you feeling full, so you can avoid unhealthy mid-day snacking. Isalean shakes are scientifically tested to assist with weight loss and lean muscle building.

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IsaBlender MaxPreparation:

One serving of the Isagenix Peach Mango shake uses two scoops of the protein powder, along with 8 oz of filtered water. To ensure a smooth constancy, I use the IsaBlender Max. But if you’re in a rush, you can also use the shaker bottles by themselves.

The bottles have easy to read measurements on the side. I add the water first, then my two scoops of Isagenix Peach Mango shake, and a scoop of Ionix Supreme, because I cannot get through my day without it.

I put the blade on the bottom of the shaker bottle, insert it into the machine, and blend for a few minutes, until creamy. Some flavors have a tendency to stick to the side of the bottle, but a quick few shakes of the bottle after blending usually remedies this. If it happens to you, it’s not uncommon, so it’s nothing to really worry about.

What’s in the Shake:

Isagenix Peach Mango Nutrition InformationAs I stated earlier in this post, one shake contains 24G of undenatured whey protein concentrate. It is “cheerful cow certified.” This means that the whey protein comes only from cows that are never treated with routine hormones or antibiotics.

This particular flavor is low-glycemic, soy and gluten free. It does contain undenatured milk protein concentrate, so this flavor may not work for those who need to avoid dairy for a variety of reasons. Isagenix does offer the dairy free Isalean Shake option, but flavors are limited.

These shakes use only natural ingredients and are free of artificial colors, flavors and sweeteners. In looking at the nutrition profile, some may be concerned about the 11G of sugar that this shake contains. The Sugar in this Peach Mango shake comes from Stevia, as well as fructose, a natural sweetener found in fruit.

To some, 11G may be high, but I like to make a comparison to the average amount of sugar in just one medium-sized apple. An apple contains 19G of naturally occurring sugar, which is 8G more than one serving of the Peach Mango shake, and it lacks the protein, vitamins, and minerals that your body needs to thrive.

Isagenix Peach Mango Flavor Profile:

When a new shake flavor is released, I try to not let the opinions of others sway me one way or the other before I have a Peach Mangochance to try it for myself. Isagenix Peach Mango has been part of the seasonal shake rotation as far back as 2016. Apparently, the limited quantities available during these seasonal releases sold out rather quickly every time it was released, hence the reason why Isagenix made the decision to add it to the permanent shake flavor lineup.

On first taste, you know right away that there is peach in this shake. There is no doubt about that. Fresh peaches were a favorite fruit of mine growing up, so I don’t mind it, but my husband, on the other hand, isn’t really a fan of it. It’s too strong of a peach flavor for him.

I haven’t had much experience with mangos, so it’s hard for me to identify whether it’s noticeable in this shake or not. All I taste is the peach, which when I do an internet search for mangos, the flavor profile varies from a cross between a pineapple and orange, as well as a hint of peach. There does not appear to be any pineapple or orange flavors in this shake, but if a mango can taste similar to a peach that may explain why the peach flavor is so strong.

In order to cut down on the peach flavor, I usually do a 50/50 mix of Peach Mango with Raspberry Cheesecake. I find that the Raspberry flavor and the creaminess of the cheesecake helps to soften the flavor of the peach. I know it might sound strange, but don’t knock it until you try it for yourself.

How to Order:

Placing an order for the Isagenix Peach Mango shake can be done online, 24-hours a day, 7-days a week, via my Isagenix Independent Associate website. The banner below will take you directly to the Isalean Shake product listing.

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There are two options for placing an order. You have the option to place a wholesale order, or you can choose to sign up for an Isagenix account.

Wholesale order:

A wholesale order is a one time purchase of Isagenix products at the full retail price. Creating an account is not required. All you need to do is add the desired amount of Isagenix Peach Mango shake canisters to your cart, as well as any additional Isagenix products, like our IsaBlender Max, to your cart. Provide your customer information, payment, and complete your order.

The cost for a one-time wholesale purchase is more than what an Isagenix Account holder will pay. This is due to the fact that wholesale buyers do not receive the benefits of the buy more and save discounts associated with Isagenix accounts.

Isagenix Signup & SaveIsagenix Account:

Creating a new Isagenix account is a cost-effective way to ensure you never run out of your favorite Isagenix products. For a yearly fee of only $29, you will automatically receive a 25% discount on the full retail price of all Isagenix products. That’s a savings of $13.32, on just one canister of Isagenix Peach Mango. And if you purchase 6 or more canisters, you will receive an additional 10% off the purchase with the buy more save more deal on quantities of six canisters or more of any shake flavors. They don’t all have to be just Peach Mango; you can mix and match, including seasonal flavors, while available, which count towards the six canisters total.

Included with the Isagenix account is a recurring delivery of your favorite Isagenix products. Default delivery is once every 30-days, and all auto-ship orders can be edited at any time before your order is set to ship. There is never any obligation to remain with Isagenix, and you can cancel at any time by reaching out to Customer Service should these products not work out as you had hoped.

The Isagenix Opportunity:

Every new Isagenix account holder will receive a Welcome to Isagenix packet as part of their very first order. Included in this packet is information about the Isagenix Opportunity to earn residual income by sharing Isagenix with others.

I bring this up now because I want to let you know that there is no obligation at all to join my Isagenix team. I know some have been turned off by this in the past because they felt like the network marketing opportunity was being pushed on You Share, They Share, Repeatthem, but I want to put your mind at ease that you are not automatically opted into the program, unless you choose to be.

When I first started with Isagenix, I was just a customer. A close friend since grammar school recommended it to me, and although I was hesitant at first, I am so glad I took the leap. Once I experienced the products, and everything that Isagenix has to offer, I upgraded my account so that I could share these great products with others. As a Breast Cancer survivor, my story is unique, and I have been using Isagenix to help provide my body with the nutrients it needs to heal all the damage that Cancer treatment has done to it. It was those struggles that caused me to create this website, and Isagenix has just been one of the many tools I have been using to regain my health while figuring out what my “new normal” is.

You can remain a customer forever, as I know that network marketing is not for everyone, and I would never push someone into something they have no interest in doing. I recommend that you start as a customer first, so you can get a feel for the products before you even think about the opportunity. Once you try them for yourself, and you fall in love with Isagenix, like I have, and want to share it with others, I would love to have you as part of my team. Just use the form on the Contact Jennifer page to learn more.


I hope that the information contained in this Isagenix Peach Mango protein shake review helped you determine whether this shake flavor was the one for you. With so many flavors to choose from, it can be hard to pick just one, and I can only hope that I made the buying process just a little easier. Of course, if you have any questions, please feel free to comment below, I would love to hear from you!

Till Next Time!

NOTE: Post contents are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Those with health conditions are encouraged to speak with their doctor before starting any new health & wellness regime. Each situation is unique, and I can only speak to my personal experiences with the Isagenix’s products.

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