Finally a Leather Belt Built to Last – A Luchengyi Generic Men’s Leather Belt Review

In our home, it seems to be a never ending battle with finding a leather belt that will last more than six months, no matter how much money we spend. For years I have been under the impression that you get what you pay for, so I would shy away from purchasing cheap belts, or off brand belts, because I assumed that the quality was not as good as those from the name brands.

Fighting yet another round of belts that were peeling and fraying long before they should have, I purchased two new belts for hubby from I still had in my mind that name brands were the way to go, so I ordered a Dockers and Levi’s brand belt, both of which were reversible. I thought that the multi-use functionality of a reversible belt would help save some money as it allowed me to purchase only two belts instead of four.

Needless to say I could not have been more wrong. After having the belts for a very short amount of time, I came home from work one day to have my husband tell me that one of the screws had come out of the Levi’s belt I had just purchased. Sure we have had belts that started to peel and fray with use, but having a screw fall out of a belt was something that we had never experiencd before. Neither of us could believe that was even possible.

Luckily being the handyman that he is, he was able to come up withIMG_0445[1]IMG_0446[1] a “fix” using a small screw he had in the garage, which you can see in the photo at the right.  Then days before I actually received the replacement leather belt in the mail, the second screw actually slipped past the hole in the belt, and it was impossible to get it back in place. That is the one on the left in the photo.

Having given up any hope that I would be able to find a suitable replacemet as one of the name brand department stores, I instead turned to Amazon to see what I could find. It was not long before I came across the Generic Men’s Casual Leather Belt by Luchengyi. I liked the look of the leather belt, and while was a black only belt, instead aof a reversible one like I had been buying for years, it took me a bit to finally make the decision to make the purchase.

IMG_0394When this men’s leather belt first arrived in the mail I was very impressed with the package presentation. It came shrink wrapped in a nice metal gift box, seen at right. Once I removed the shrink wrap, I was actually surprised by the durability of the box itself. This company didn’t use any flimsy metal in the packaging of their product. I believe the box had been designed to be used for storage of the belt when its not in use, but since my husband actually wears the belt every day with jeans, we have actually re-purposed the box for household storage, since it is that durable. I should note that the packaging has changed slightly since I purchsaed this belt. They now come in a cardboard box, instead of the metal container I received this belt in. This change is a bit disappointing, but it was probably done as a cost savings.

IMG_0395Upon opening the box, I found the belt to be presented nicely and packaged well to prevent any wear or damage from occurring to the belt. But of course the real test was yet to come, its true durability which one can only truly determine with constant wear.

My husband is not one that is overly rough on his belts. He works in an office environment, so they are not subjected to any excessive wear and tear. That is what makes the experiences with leather belts from previous brands so surprising. Other belts have shown excessive wear just from normal use, but I am happy to say that has not been the case with this Generic Men’s Casual Leather Belt by Luchengyi.

I originally purchased thiIMG_0447[1]s belt in Januay of 2016, and it has exceeded our expectations. When it first arrived in the mail, my husband wore it for two weeks straight and it looked as good as when it first came out of the package. There was no wear to the edges, nor was there any ripping or widening of the belt holes that has been so common in our house with other brands, as you can see in the photo at the left.

My husband has actually said this is probably the best belt he has ever owned, and we have purchased belts from the likes of Levi’s, Dockers, and Chaps just to name a few. He liked this belt so much that when this belt finally met its end of life ten months after the initial purchase, an all time record in this house, he requested that I purchase a replacement from the same brand. He even said that it matches the interior of his new GMC pickup truck, which is apparently an added bonus, as that was by no means a reason for purchasing this belt.

There are only a few downsides to this particular men’s belt. The first being the size. My husband commonly wears a 32″ belt, yet the smallest belt that was offered was a 34″. Previous buyers had stated that the belt ran small, so I figured the 34″ would fit and it did. We actually measured it against one of the existing 32″ belts my husband had in the house, and this one was approximately an 1″ longer, so I would estimate it to be a 32″-33″, not the 34″ that it is listed as. So if you do wear a 34″ I would suggest going up one size.

The only other downside, which I really can’t classify as a downside, is the contrasting white stitching on the belt. My husband loves the belt, but the white stitching makes it look too casual, which prevents it from being worn for work. Hopefully the company will come out with another belt with black stitching, similar to what they did for the brown belt that is available.

Overall, we are very happy with this mens leather belt by Luchengyi, and have since purchased it in brown as well. So if you find yourself in the market for a new leather belt, I highly suggest giving this one a try, it is well worth the money and you will not be disappointed.



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