Chocolate With A Touch Of Strawberry – An Isagenix Shake Recipe

In order to keep my morning Isagenix shake interesting, I started experimenting with different added ingredients that accent the flavor of the shake without adding a lot of unnecessary ingredients. While I started my morning routine by adding a scoop of the Ionix Supreme to my morning shake, I was due to have my last round of maintenance chemo for Breast Cancer on September 13th, and given the fact that the Ionix Supreme is an Antioxidant, I did not want to intentionally hinder the effects the chemo would have on any remaining cancer cells. So I decided to try and add a few fresh strawberries to the mix, which resulted in a very yummy Isagenix Shake Recipe.

Since I do not have a Nutribullet, or similar form of a personal blender/mixer in my home, my husband came up with the idea to use the Cuisinart Immersion Blender that has been taking up residence in the closet for many years. The original use for the immersion blender was to make it easier to mix the powder with water, as I did not have a traditional shake mixer in the house as we were advised to dispose of all plastic by my Naturopath due to my breast cancer diagnosis. This meant all Tupperware, plastic drink ware etc needed to go.  After much searching, I was able to find a Stainless Steel Shaker bottle, seen in photos, on Amazon. Now onto the real reason you landed on this page, the Chocolate with a touch of Strawberry Isagenix Shake Recipe.


8oz cold filtered water

2 scoops IsaLean Creamy Dutch Chocolate Shake

3 freshly washed strawberries, organic preferred if available


  1. Remove the tops from your strawberries, and quarter them. Then cut each quarter in half as seen below.







2. Add strawberries to the 8oz of water and blend until no chunks of strawberry remain. The result should look similar to what is seen below.







3. Add your “strawberry water” to your shaker of choice, I personally use a stainless steel one from Kiss Me Organics, which can be found on Amazon.

4. Add the two scoops of IsaLean Shake to the shaker, put the shaker ball in, if your shaker has one, put the cap on and shake until well mixed. This step will take a few minutes as I have found that the powder can be a bit finicky. In the past few days, I thought I had a well-blended shake, only to remove the cap and find there was still shake powder around the rim.

5. Once you have achieved the desired consistency, pour the shake into a glass and enjoy. NOTE: if your shaker does not have a shaker ball, you may be able to drink it right from the shaker. I personally do not want to get hit in the face by a gloppy shaker ball, so I pour mine into a glass, as seen below.

I hope you enjoyed this Isagenix Shake Recipe. Even those who are short on time in the morning can enjoy this satisfying shake that will keep you full until lunchtime. Stay tuned to this page for other great recipes as you never know what I may come up with next!








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