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The holiday season for me has always been an excuse to indulge in special treats that only come around once a year. Growing up, it was my grandmothers Babka, a Polish sweet cake, that she filled with raisins and other tasty goodies. Or the Chruschiki, which is the Polish form of fried dough. That one was my favorite, and it was always disappointing when they were all gone, as it was a treat that wouldn’t return till the following year.

After going through Breast Cancer treatments, I’ve managed to pack on a few too many pounds, so I need to be a bit better about my indulgences during this holiday season.

Balancing Clean Eating with Holiday Treats:

Sadly, my Grandmother is no longer with us, so gone are the days of the tasty Polish treats, but the holiday’s still come with food, wine, and other delicious goodies that I usually do my best to avoid throughout the year. My normal routine is to have a healthy Isagenix protein shake for breakfast, a salad for lunch, and a healthy home cooked meal for dinner. Commonly one of the many recipes that I have printed from Pinterest, or saved from old magazines.

With all tempting foods that the holiday season brings, it is essential to create a routine of healthy meals so that you can indulge in the occasional tasty treat without the guilt. Isagenix knows that it is quite common for many of us to pack on a few extra pounds around the holidays which is why they created the Isagenix Holiday Bundle that features an assortment of seasonal favorites that help you stay on track so that you can have that slice of pie, without the guilt. Isagenix is also committed to its customers health, which is why product quality is always their number one priority.

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What’s In the Isagenix Holiday Bundle:

The Isagenix Holiday Bundle consists of five different Isagenix Seasonal product’s that are only around for a limited time.

Isagenix IsaDelight Variety PackIsagenix IsaDelight Variety Pack:

No matter how hard I try, there are still those days when I have a craving for something sweet. My all-time favorites have been Hershey’s Chocolate and Reeses Peanut Butter Cups. After going through cancer treatment, I started reading the ingredients on these product’s and found they contain artificial flavors and preservatives.

My solution to this problem was to always keep a box of IsaDelight’s in the closet at all times. Not knowing which flavor I would like best, I experimented with the IsaDelight Holiday Variety Pack last holiday season. It features a mix of Milk Chocolate, Dark Chocolate, Dark Chocolate with Mint, and Milk Chocolate with Sea Salt & Caramel, for a total of 27 chocolates, all infused with green tea. I was immediately hooked on the Dark Chocolate and Dark Chocolate with mint, while my husband liked the Milk Chocolate. Neither one of us liked the Milk Chocolate with Sea Salt & Caramel, but that’s just our specific tastes. That’s why this holiday variety pack is so great. It gives you the option to try all the flavors, to determine which ones you like best. It’s also giftable, making it a perfect hostess gift. The Isagenix Holiday Bundle comes with one box, but the Isagenix Isadelight Variety Pack is also available for separate purchase, so make sure to add as many as you need to your shopping cart, before they sell out.

Isagenix SeasonsJoy Essential Oil Blend: Isagenix SeasonsJoy Essential Oil

New for Holiday 2018 is the release of the SeasonsJoy 100% Pure Essential Oils Blend. Earlier this year, Isagenix released a full line of 100% Pure Essential Oils, in some of the most commonly used scents, as well as a few different wellness blends that are unique to Isagenix only.

I diffuse their TumBliss on a nightly basis, with a few shots of Lavender and DefenseShield, mostly to help protect my husband from catching one of the many bugs that tend to be spread around the office this time of year.

The SeasonsJoy blend is a cheerful aroma designed to bring back happy memories from holiday’s past. It’s a blend of Siberian Fir, Black Spruce, Orange, Nutmeg, and cinnamon leaf. It can be applied topically, with our Coconut carrier oil, or diffused in our Cool Mist Diffuser for a pleasing aroma all season long. one-time is the first ever Seasonal Essential Oil scent to be released by Isagenix, so make sure to stock up before it sells out.

Salted Caramel Isagenix Seasonal ShakeSalted Caramel Isagenix Seasonal Shake:

Each season, Isagenix releases a new Seasonal Shake flavor. Last year it was Chocolate Mint, which has now become a permanent member of the Isagenix family. Last week, fellow Isagenix members had a guessing game as to what the latest flavor release would be. I had hoped Cookies N Cream was going to be making a comeback, but sadly not this time. There were also guesses for Eggnog, Sugar Cookie, Gingerbread Cookie, and even Snickerdoodle. But the chosen flavor for the 2018 holiday season is Salted Caramel.

I do not have any experience with this flavor, as it is brand new, and as always available in limited quantities. Like all the IsaLean Shakes, the Salted Caramel Seasonal Shake features 24G of Undenatured whey and milk proteins that are Cheerful Cow Certified. Meaning the whey is sourced from cows that have not been treated with antibiotics or hormones. I placed my order for the Isagenix Holiday Bundle earlier today, so I will be receiving a canister of this new flavor, in addition to all the other seasonal offerings. I’ll post a separate review of this shake when I’ve had a chance to try it.

Raspberry Cheesecake Isagenix Seasonal Shake:Raspberry Cheesecake Isagenix Seasonal Shake

This flavor first debuted in June of this year, and I immediately stocked up, as my husband loves cheesecake, and it is now back again for the 2018 holiday season. I wasn’t sure what to expect with this flavor, but it ended up quite pleasing to the palate. A creamy shake with a subtle raspberry flavor. It’s great by itself, but I have also mixed it with our Peach Mango shake flavor.

Like the rest of the IsaLean Shakes, this shake also features 24G of Undenatured whey and milk proteins and also has active enzymes that aid in digestion. The IsaLean shakes are a daily breakfast staple for me, and I have every single flavor on my counter because I love variety. I have also done them for lunch when I’m short on time because they are so easy to mix and take with you. Adding the IsaLean Shakes to your daily routine helps to keep your diet on track while allowing for the occasional holiday indulgence treat.

Vanilla Cranberry Almond IsaLean BarIsagenix Vanilla Cranberry Almond Seasonal IsaLean Bars:

The Vanilla Cranberry Almond flavor is the latest seasonal meal replacement bar and was just released last month. It is a chewy bar filled with almond, vanilla and cranberry flavors, with a creamy coating. I’m personally not a fan of cranberry, but I ordered these for my husband a few weeks ago, and he loves them. So much so, that I need to order more before these bars sell out, as they are only around for a limited time.

These meal replacement bars are a source of 18G of protein, designed to help support weight loss and lean muscle building. Last years, Smores bar since became a permanent member of the Isagenix family, so I can only hope that this one follows suit. Of course, that decision depends on a product’s popularity, so make sure to add it to your cart, before it sells out.

How to Purchase:

Purchasing the Isagenix Holiday Bundle, or any of the individual product’s featured in the Holiday Bundle is quite easy. Just visit the featured product’s page of my Isagenix Independent Associate website. Or click the banner below to get started.

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All seasonal products are available as either “Buy Now,” or “Signup and Save”.

Buy Now:

The “Buy Now” price is the price you pay for a wholesale order, without signing up for an Isagenix account. Buy Now orders are a one-time purchase. You will not be billed for any future purchases.

Signup and Save:

The “Signup and Save” option enrolls you in the $29 year Isagenix membership program. With this program, you will receive monthly Auto-ship orders, every 30 days, in addition to your one time Wholesale order that you place when you first sign up. All the seasonal product’s mentioned in this post are eligible for Wholesale purchase only, and cannot be added to an autoship program, due to their limited availability. If you need help with completing the sign up process, please refer to my post “How to Order Isagenix Seasonal Shake Flavors Online” for a detailed guide on completing the enrollment process.

Added Isagenix Holiday Discounts:

As if all the seasonal product’s listed above were not enticing enough, Isagenix has released five Healthy Giving Coupon codes to make your holiday shopping even more accessible. These coupons are valid through December 31, 2018, or until supplies last. Whichever comes first. Products must be in your shopping cart for the discount to be applied.

Isagenix e+ Shots - GIFTENERGYGIFTENERGY – Receive a free box of e+ shots when you purchase 3 or more boxes of e+ shots.

I have tried all three of our e+ shot flavors, Lemon Lime, Raspberry, and Apple Pomegranate, and the Lemon Lime and Raspberry are my favorites. We keep them chilled in the fridge and use them every Friday night before our bowling league as it helps give us the energy boost needed to get through three games of Bowling. They are only 35 calories per serving, and free from artificial Colors, Flavors or Sweeteners. Available in either a 6 or 12 count per flavor. Mix and match flavors, but must have 4 boxes in your cart for the coupon to work.


GETJOY – Receive one free Bottle of the SeasonsJoy Essential Oil Blend when you spend $200 or more.

This is the first ever seasonal Essential Oil blend to be offered by Isagenix. It is already bundled in the Holiday Bundle, but this is a great way to get an additional bottle of this pleasing seasonal scent that will keep your home smelling like the holidays all season long. The only requirement is that you spend $200 or more. Pair our Holiday Bundle with extra boxes of our IsaDelilght Variety pack for gift giving, or pick up an assortment of our IsaLean Bars for healthy snacks for the long car ride to visit family for the holidays. Just remember to add the SeasonsJoy oil to your cart in order for this coupon to work.

Amped To-Go CanisterGIFTAMPED – Receive a complimentary Amped To-Go Canister when you purchase one canister of Amped Recover and one canister of either Amped Nitro or Amped Power.

The Canister is located in the “Seasonal Specials” section when you do Buy Now. All Amped products are located under the Performance category.

I use the Amped Recover every week, mixed with the Juicy Orange Hydrate. The blend tastes just like Hi-C. I’ve also given it to my husband during the summer months after he has spent all day outside working in the yard, as it is designed to support muscle recovery and rebuilding.

GIFTSMOOTH – Receive 20% off your purchase when you order one Ultra Hydrating Hand & Body Cream and one Refreshing Body Wash.

I use the Ultra Hydrating Hand & Body Cream every morning. It has a very light and subtle botanical scent filled with antioxidants designed to help nourish and replenish the skin. The product is also paraben-, phthalate-, and cruelty-free.

The Refreshing Body Wash is similar to the Body Cream. I have used it in the past and loved it. The only reason why I have not ordered more is that I am a bit of a body wash addict with too many bottles in the closet. I need to use them up before I can order more.

These product’s make great stocking stuffers, additions to holiday gift baskets, or stock up for yourself. Once you try them, you won’t want to use anything else. Remember to add the GIFTSMOOTH coupon code for the discount to be applied.

Isagenix Rejuvity Skin CareGIFTREJUVITY – Receive 20% off your purchase and a FREE Rejuvity Sampler when you purchase three or more Rejuvity product’s.

Isagenix is well-known for their weight loss and performance products, but few know that Isagenix also offers an entire line of skin care product’s that blend nature and science for top-notch skin hydration, illumination, and rejuvenation.

I have only tried the Purifying Cleanser, and I use this product daily with my Clarisonic Ultrasonic cleansing device. It is important to note that the Rejuvity products are available in either a pre-configured pak or individually. The pak’s will not qualify you for the discount. Each Rejuvity product needs to be in your shopping cart, along with the sampler, located under “Personal Care + Beauty” when you do Buy Now.

The Sampler includes ten envelopes with seven 2ml packets of each of the Rejuvity products. Perfect for travel, or sharing with friends and family. Remember, all product’s must be in your cart for the discount to be applied.

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While I know the holidays can be a very stressful time for some, these Isagenix Seasonal offerings are a great way to get a jumpstart on your holiday gift-giving list. Whether your shopping for gifts for the family both near and far or you just want to stock up for yourself, there is no better time than now to take advantage of all that Isagenix has to offer.

Remember seasonal products are limited, so beat the holiday rush and order yours today!

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