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Cancer entered my life in the spring of 2015, when my father was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer that had metastasized. He had already been diagnosed with Parkinson’s many years earlier, so his cancer diagnosis came as quite a surprise to all of us. The months that followed were a blur, my husband and I spent all our free time over my parents house, helping out in any way we could, as my father could no longer handle basic maintenance tasks.

We sadly lost my father in October 2015. As life slowly returned to normal, that was the last I had hoped to hear about Cancer, or so I thought.

My Story:

During the last few months of my fathers illness, I had a very large lump appear out of nowhere in my right breast. This lump was movable and quite painful, so never in my life would I have associated it with Cancer. Due to its appearance, almost overnight, I thought of it as nothing more than a benign cyst, so I utilized natural remedies to help numb the pain. We were so focused on my father, and his last months on this earth, so having this lump looked at was the last thing on my mind.

Fast forward to the spring of 2016. In addition to the appearance of this lump, I was dealing with a plethora of symptoms. Brain fog, fatigue, muscle aches, migraine aura, and more. I tried going gluten free after reading books like “Grain Brain“, and while dietary changes seemed to help, I still felt off.

I was so tired of feeling like poo, that I finally broke down and enlisted the help of a Naturopath. Our family rarely went to the doctor, and always preferred natural treatments to pharmaceutical drugs that commonly come with more side effect than what they are meant to treat.

After my first visit, I was sent home with an Adrenal test. Upon my next visit, it was determined that I was, in fact, suffering from Adrenal Fatigue, which explained my fatigue issues. It was also at this second visit, where my life changed forever. In my mind, I was looking to my Naturopath to confirm that the lump that had appeared in my breast was nothing more than the benign cyst I had thought it was all along. Needless to say, instead of verification, I became worried when she said she was “Highly Concerned” and immediately went to get me scheduled for a Mammogram the very same day.

The tears began to fall. After everything, we went through with my father, never in my life did I expect I would be facing the possibility of my own Cancer diagnosis. In September 2016, my life forever changed with a Stage 3A ER+, PR+, HER2+, Breast Cancer diagnosis. Followed not long after by a stage 4 cancer diagnosis in July 2020.

A Cancer Diagnosis Is a Very Scary Thing:

Breast Cancer is a very common thing. You hear about it on the news with celebrities like Angela Jolie, and there is also an entire month dedicated to Breast Cancer awareness, but very few talk about the brutally honest feelings that come along with a Cancer diagnosis.

Every cancer, just like every person is different, and each comes along with its own treatment plan. You feel lost, and scared, and the internet is not always helpful in explaining what certain side effects are, and how to deal with them naturally. Sure your oncologist will be quick to prescribe you yet another medication to help, but when you’re already being pumped full of toxic drugs designed to kill the Cancer, the last thing you want is more chemicals in your body, so you try to seek out natural remedies that will help you feel better.

My Goal:

When I was first diagnosed with Breast Cancer, I found myself overwhelmed. Countless doctors visits, and tests left me feeling lost in a sea of medical jargon. I knew a long path lay ahead of me, and the only way to get through it was to take things one day at a time, when all I wanted was to be done with it all. My goal of this page is to help fellow Breast Cancer Warriors and their care givers feel like they are not alone in this battle.

I will share brutally honest accounts of my struggles with Cancer treatment, it’s side effects, and adjusting to life after Cancer. This will include natural or homeopathic solutions, regardless of where you are in your Breast Cancer journey. I will also try to break down the medical jargon surrounding a variety of aspects of Breast Cancer, as well as my daily struggles, and products I personally use to help with healing my body both mentally and physically. If my experiences with this horrible disease helps just one person out there, then I know I have done my job.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below, or use the Contact Me page, and I will be more than happy to help you out.

Talk to you soon,




  • Fleeky

    Dear Jennifer

    Cancer has become the new plague of oir century
    Something,terrible seems weong
    Sickening us all…

    My heart weaps for all, for you

    Thank you for taking courage to write
    Sending you love and prayer

    • Jennifer Bedell

      Thanks so much for your comment! You are right, Cancer has become too commonplace in our society, yet so many are scared to talk about it. From the very beginning, I always chose to be very public about my battle, although I know it probably makes many people uncomfortable. I just want to make other “warriors” not feel like they are alone, and there is a light at the end of the tunnel, even if it feels so very far away. Thanks for visiting!

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